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WOLCOTT TAKEMOTO - Beginning in May of 2011, WT was developed with the notion of creative independence and design integrity with clothing that puts thought towards fit and quality. All pieces are designed and produced in NYC with the intention of supporting a historical and local industry. It is the ultimate hope that the love and thoughtfulness put into each piece is translated to the wearer and then in a sense can adopt and continue on loving it in their own way.  

KINTSUGI - the Japanese practice that celebrates breakage as part of the history of an object, rather than a reason to discard. Through thoughtful repair, things that once would have been thrown away, achieve a new and often even more beautiful life.

After designing and manufacturing clothes within the traditional mode for years, we recognized that the traditional seasonal fashion schedule was limiting our ability to create affordable and ecologically responsible clothing that was inclusive to all people.

While we continue to design and evolve with the fashion industry, we are committed to finding opportunities to solve the problem. By applying the philosophy of kintsugi to fashion, we are rescuing clothing and materials by redesigning, repairing and restyling pieces to reduce waste and exploitation while providing a well curated collection.

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